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Roberta Pisu and Arcis Saxophon Quartett began their collaboration with the full-length production HEIMAT, which premiered on September 21, 2020 in the Philharmonie am Gasteig Munich.


Other productions of the Collective are "KHOROVOD" (2020)  "2X GETANZT " (2021), the short movie "DAVE", a solo work "KNITTING GIRL", " K.I.nd of Human" (2022) and "2X GETANZT " (2023).

The arcis_collective  has the vision to merge chamber music and contemporary dance into a joint  performing act. 


This vision draws inspiration from chamber music, an art form celebrated for its intimacy, reduced form and emotional depth.

Arcis_Collective is committed to preserving the renowned simplicity and elegance of chamber music and the modernity, freedom and preservation of the individual in contemporary dance while exploring themes of social and cultural relevance through its performances 


Transform musicians into authentic performers, making them an integral part of the theatrical message and and give dancers the opportunity to explore the musical world more deeply by elevating the relationship between the two art forms.


Furthermore, the collective is dedicated to creating opportunities for young composers, offering them the chance to create for a special musical instrument like the saxophone, create dance-specific pieces of music and been involved in the creative process with choreographers, fostering a profound dialogue.

At the same time, choreographers can be involved in creating the musical pieces designed specifically for every detail of the performance.


Another objective of the collective is to bring dance to unconventional venues, typically dedicated only to music, giving the audience the opportunity to enjoy a live classical music concert in spaces usually reserved for dance. In doing so, the collective overcomes the separation between these two artistic worlds.

We are also interested in the use of incoventional venues by encouraging side-specific performances.


Arcis_Collective also promotes the deepening of the theatrical and physical language among resident musicians, opening the possibility for other interested musicians to join research meetings with the collective and dance artist who are interested into going deep on music investigation.


Looking ahead, the collective intends to expand its collaborations with artists who share this innovative approach to art.

More info and trailers of the collective productions: 




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