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Freud Kopf



PREMIER: 01-16-2016

at Reaktorhalle in Munich

Choreography: Roberta Pisu 

Dancers: Ballett of Gärtnerplatztheater

Music arranged by: Nicolò Loro Ravenni 



Minute made - that sounds like tremendous time pressure, and it comes to all choreographers who want to contribute a new episode to the iconic dancesoap, which has long since taken its place on the schedule every year. Up to "his" edition, each choreographer is faced with the challenge of creating a new piece within just one week of rehearsal that continues exactly where his predecessor left off last time. Spontaneous live interactions between the choreographers and the audience are expressly encouraged! Once again, a lot of creativity is required when the task is relentless:

»One room. One week. 20 dancers. «


For the Gärtnerplatztheater MINUTE MADE 2016 

Roberta Pisu created FREUD KOPF

Last image the choreographer Davide di Giovanni left to create was a carpet of dead bodies searching of escape. 

<<Now imagine...just for a second if through the dead skin we would actually be able to feel it...his fear, his wishes, his past, his memories...I´ve spend all my life studying and analyzing how much we are connected to our subconscious and what the subconscious has to do with the experiences that we live>>...Sigmund Freud.

That's how FREUD KOPF started a travel inside of the brilliant mind of Dott. Sigmud Freud. 

The voice of his wife always present and the memories of his patients going in and out made the journey a constante change of images... sort  of a waking up feeling after a night "full" of dreams...

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