Going from one city to another is a privilege.

Discovering new cultures and meeting different people every day allows us to open our minds to new perspectives.

Enriching our soul with the stories of others makes us understand, regardless of our native country, that we are all constantly looking for our identity.


Who are we now? What have we become after all?

I think it is much more than the story of a simple and nostalgic memory of where we started our journey.

A Collaboration with Arcis Saxophon Quartett 


Music by Wilfried Hiller

Choreography and Concept by Roberta Pisu 





Based on a novel by Michael Ende.

A magical story about time-thieves and a little girl who brought time back to people. 

With the help of bicentennial Master Hora, the guardian of time and a magic turtle called Kassiopeia, Momo, a little girl coming from nowhere, is the only one able to bring back time to people, which was stolen from them by the Grey Men.





FREUD KOPF is a journey into the brilliant mind of Dr. Sigmund Freud. The voice of his wife always present and the memories of his patients going in and out makes the journey a constant change of images.

A journey into past and present memories. A feeling similar to that of a first awakening after a night full of dreams.


One week, 20 dancers, one room... these are the rules for MINUTE MADE, a stunning format created by the artistic director of the Gärtnerplatzthetaer Karl Schreiner.



This solo was born from the choreographer's desire to give voice to those who were forced to live the life and desires of others.

However, sometimes we should take ourselves less serious and learn to smile more often even when we are living the worst dream you can imagine.

The story of a young vegetarian butcher.



This piece tells one of the many stories that many have lived and told.

"Coming out" is an act, an awareness, it is the freedom to express love that is independent of one's sexual orientation. Despite the freedom in our society, the world is still full of prejudices and taboos.

What are the consequences of this double moral?



If I were a father my family would be my first priority...

If I were a father I would work to give my child all of the chances to have a life that they dream of...

mmm...If i was a father? I would teach my children what my father told me ...

If I were a father I would teach my children to be patient with the world, it can be unjust but the moments of beauty and love make it worthwhile...

If I was a father.... my child will know love......


From the masterpiece of the German poet Johann Wolfgang Goethe, written in 1808, where he tells the agreement between Faust and Mephistopheles and their journey to discover the pleasures and the beauty of the world.


JE SUIS FAUST is a modern and fresh vision, where everyone can see himself as the figure of Doctor Faust in the middle of the timeless fight between good and evil.



Inspired by the work of one of the most charismatic women in history: the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo.


A piece of dance theater created for and with the artists of the youth department of the Gärtnerplatztheater.


Together we traveled through her exceptional work and who she was as a woman.

A woman lost and prisoner of love, perhaps addicted to it , as maybe she was of her famous life partner

Diego Rivera.


Based on Plato's philosophical dialogue "Das Gastmahl" the youth department of the Gärtnerplatzthetaer wrote this new work.


A piece of dance theater focused on love and in the search of it.

Does the idea that out there in the world exist the perfect half of us make us live with hope or with an incessant unsatisfaction?



Khorovod is the beginning of a bigger project. 

The idea behind was to tell a story of a human being as there are many: the story of a man who has reached a stagnation point, a total emotional block that chokes him

<<Federico Fellini >>.

Created for and with the precious contribution of the dancer the result is a grotesque uncontrollable character, with an insatiable need to move. 






Inspired by an anthropological research of a traditional festival in Italy (the taranta festival) in which the whole village opens their doors for the community, and they all dance on the streets without break for 48 hours. The myth is that in a ritual, people were intentionally bit by a poisonous tarantula, and for this reason the sacrificed one danced relentlessly to free himself from the poison and negativity that had been inflicted on him. 

Going deeper into the origins of it.


What remains today are the folk dances, the music and the streets full of people celebrating for days.

But what were the rituals back in the days? And why were only women hit by those acts of madness?




Two choreographers work independently with two dancers to create a 20-minute choreography.


"Rules of the game":

1. You only have 5 days to create.

2. The music is the same for both choreographies.

3. The music will only be delivered 5 days before the start of the rehearsal.

4. The musicians are part of the scene.

5. Props and costumes only what you can find.

what she din´t say yet .jpeg


The eternal dialogue with myself, pages upon pages full of words written with invisible ink. 

Screamed into the wind to let them go to distant places, which are hard to reach for me.