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PREMIER: 3- 07-2019

At Gärtnerplatztheater, Munich


Musical Direction: Bettina Ostermeier

DirectionSusanne Schemschies

ChoreographyRoberta Pisu

Stage/Costume: Stephanie Thurmair

Light Design: Markus Kössler

Choreography Assistent: Alfonso Férdandez Sànches

Direction Assistent: Saskia Wagner

Inspired by the work of one of the most charismatic women in history, the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo.


Frida Kahlo was an artist and what else?

A work of dance theater created for and with the artists of the youth department of the Gärtnerplatztheater. Together we traveled through her exceptional work and beyond.


What kind of woman was Frida Kahlo? The Gärtnerplatz Jugend ensemble has worked intensely on this question starting from January 2019 and has immersed itself in the world of the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo (1907-1954).

A woman lost and imprisoned in love, perhaps dependent on it, as perhaps she was for her famous life partner Diego Rivera.


A theatrical collage based on the concept of art between surrealism and folklore typical of the painter. Her feelings in form of passionate monologues, her infernal visions, multiple personalities of Frida and a reality TV show on the <<Día de los Muertos>> the <<Day of the Dead>> in which, according to ancient Mexican belief, the dead arrive for a short time from beyond to celebrate a happy meeting with their loved ones.

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