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PREMIERE 16-06-21 



        A production by Gärtnerplatztheater, Munich

Concept and Choreography: Roberta Pisu

Music by: Arte Noscia, Nidi D´arac and Anna Cinzia Villani

Dancers :Lieke Vanbiervliet, Amelie Lambrichts, Joel Di Stefano and  David Valencia

Set & Lightdesign:  Johannes Lübke

Choreographic Assistent: Marta Jaen 

Inspired by an anthropological research of a traditional festival in Italy (the taranta festival) in which the whole village opens their doors for the community, and they all dance on the streets without break for 48 hours. The myth is that in a ritual, people were intentionally bit by a poisonous tarantula, and for this reason the sacrificed one danced relentlessly to free himself from the poison and negativity that had been inflicted on him. Personally I am interested in the physicality that this brings. What happens when you bring the body to extreme fatigue and what happens to the body afterwards


Going deeper into the origins of it.

What remains today are the folk dances, the music and the streets full of people celebrating for days.

But what were the rituals back in the days? And why were only women hit by those acts of madness?

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