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PREMIER : 12-16-2018 

At Gärtnerplatztheater in Munich 

Composed by : Willfried Hiller

Libretto: Wolfgang Ademberg

Musical Direction: Michael Brandstätter/Andreas Partilla

Direction: Nicole Claudia Weber

Choreography: Roberta Pisu


Little Momo lives modestly and withdrawn at the gates of an idyllic small town. The girl has many friends because she has the rare gift of listening to others. But one day the mysterious Gray Men appear in the city and persuade people to save time. With the support of the wise master Hora, she declares war on the gray men. The message by Michael Ende in 1974, the novel "Momo", which was awarded the German Youth Literature Prize, seems more relevant today than ever. For the Gärtnerplatztheater, composer Wilfried Hiller and lyricist Wolfgang Adenberg created a new version of the material.

Stage Design: Karl Fehringer, Judith Leikauf

Costumes: Tanja Hofmann

Video: Meike Ebert, Raphael Kurig

Light Design: Michael Heidinger

Dramaturgie: Michael Alexander Rinz

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