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PREMIER 23-06-2017

At Gärtnerplatztheater, Munich

Musical Direction: Andreas Partilla 

Direction: Susanne Schemschies 

Choreography: Roberta Pisu 

Stage/Costume: Stephanie Thurmair 

Light Design: Jakob Bogenspenger 

Dramaturgy: David Treffinger 

A piece of dance theater  made with love and in the search for it.

The story that somewhere there is a perfect half of ourselves ... Does it make us live in hope or in a constant unsatisfaction?


One of the most poetic and sweet experiences as a choreographer.


We investigated the complexity of love and the diversity of it, based on different moments of our life. 


The legend told, long time ago people were spherical, they had two faces, four arms and four legs.

They were perfect beings, autonomous and therefore extremely happy, but at the same time arrogant and unsatisfied. They no longer wanted to pay homage to their gods, but to rebel and declare war to Olympus.

The Gods, therefore decided to punish them and divide them into two entities.

From that day on they are in constant search for the other half.

Voice-coach: Rotraut Arnold 

Singing-coach: Verena Sarrè

Musical Assistent: Andreas Begert 

Sound: Dirk Buttgereit 

Direction Assistent: Nadine Kurschuss

Stage Manager: Marian Lordache 



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