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K.I.nd of human

ABOUT K.I.nd of human



UTOPIA München


Artistic direction and choreography: Roberta Pisu

Composition: Leonhard Kuhn

Music: Arcis Saxophon Quartett

Dancers: Alfonso Fernández Sánchez, Fabio Calvisi, Vittoria Franchina, Elisabet Morera Nadal

Light Design: Michael Heidinger

Costum Design: Bregje van Balen

Costumes assistant: Lucia Zettl

Sound design: Diana Hütter

Choreography assistant: Francesca Poglie

Production assistant: Sonja Oberkofler

Camera: Florian Leuschner,Georg Stirnweiß. 

Video: Alfonso Fernández Sánchez.

This performance is about human fragility under the omnipresent cloud of artificial intelligence.


Our lives are infused with the warm empathy of people around us. However, we are since long been surrounded by the cold technology, which surrounds us like a cloud of lightning-fast information, accessible to everyone all the time. The level of innovative research is beyond our imagination. With artificial intelligence, we are able to program the independence of a machine. These machines can be taught perfection, to reproduce the same result over and over again without error, and sometimes even to make mistakes. Those engines can now make their own decisions and they are already able to develop their own thoughts.

It is amazing what great (progress?) steps we are making. Perhaps we are already no longer even able to control what we have created.
But where is the uniqueness that determines the essence and destiny of being human? My innocent decisions out of a romantic whim, my wrong decision after a hard day. Where is my smile just because the sun is shining? Where the tears for someone who has nothing to do with my life? 

We are unique. We are human.

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