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Wilfried Hiller was born in Swabian Weißenhorn in 1941.

After studying piano at the Augsburg Conservatory, he worked as an organist and ballet repetitor before studying composition, opera directing, drums and music theory at the Munich University of Music. From 1967 Hiller was a drummer at the Bavarian State Opera and the Gärtnerplatztheater. In 1968 he founded the concert series "music of our time", from which the "Munich Music Nights" emerged in 1981, he was also Music Editor at the Bavarian Radio, lecturer at the Munich Music Academy and composition teacher at the Munich Richard Strauss Conservatory.


Hiller worked closely with Carl Orff until his death in 1982. From 1978 he joined music theater projects, Michael Ende gave him important artistic impulses. The collaboration resulted in pieces such as »Four Musical Fables«, »Der Goggolori« (premiered in 1985 at the Gärtnerplatztheater), »Das Traumfresserchen«, »Der Rattenfänger« and the most recent and great success  »Momo« again for the Gärtnerplatztheater.

Hiller's other stage works include  »The story of the small blue mountain lake and the old eagle« (with Herbert Asmodi), »Eduard on the rope«, »Pinocchio« (with Rudolf Herfurtner), »Der Schimmelreiter« (with Andreas KW Meyer), »Wolkenstein« (with Felix Mitterer) as well as the church operas »Augustinus« and »Die Sohn des Zimmermanns« (with Winfried Böhm).

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The composer, who has won numerous prizes and international grants, was President of the Bavarian Music Council in 2005-2008, Artistic Director of the International Organ Week in Nuremberg in 2009-2012 and is currently Chairman of the Carl Orff Foundation and President of the German Jean Sibelius Society.


Wilfried Hiller is currently working with Stefan Ark Nitsche on the musical drama "Dawid" and on "Camilles sister" (quartet with shadows) after Henrik lbsen. Winfried Böhm created the one-act play »Myriam« for the Bavarian Radio Choir and Arabella Steinbacher (violin). Hiller has started a chamber music cycle for musicians from the State Theater on Gärtnerplatz based on pictures and sculptures by Antje Tesche-Mentzen. Together with Hellmuth Matiasek, he works on stage music for "The Prodigal Son".

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