Roberta Pisu  

Choreographer. Dancer. 

The full interview for the Gärtnerplatztheater.


Interview host: ANDRÁS BORBÉLYT. 

Life and career, present and past.

HEIMAT. Premiere 

21-22/09/20 - 10-11/10/20 


Moving from one city to another is a privilege.

Discovering a new culture and meeting new people allows us to open our mind to a new perspective.

Listening to their stories fulfills our soul and makes us understand that no matter where we are born we are all constantly searching for our
own identity.

Who we are now is more than a nostalgic memory of where we started our journey...

A collaboration with Arcis Saxophon Quartett.


Music by Wilfried Hiller. 


Choreography and concept by Roberta Pisu. 

Presenter of the evening: "Gasteig", Munich.



© Roberta Pisu. Photo © Frèderic Chais