Roberta Pisu  

Choreographer. Dancer. 

The full interview for the Gärtnerplatztheater.


Interview host: ANDRÁS BORBÉLYT. 

Life and career, present and past.

K.I.nd of human  

A dance evening with Chamber music 

13/14 Sept.2022

Utopia_ München


This show is about human frailty under the omnipresent cloud of artificial intelligence. 

How much does this untouchable cloud affect and will affect the life of all of us?  What are the real limits that experts tell us to have reached and how far are the characteristics that represent us as human beings lost?

This and more questions are still lost in that cloud.... 


Artistic direction and choreography: Roberta Pisu

Composition: Leonhard Kuhn

Music: Arcis Saxophon Quartett

Light Design: Michael Heidinger

Costum Design: Bregje van Balen

Costumes assistant: Lucia Zettl

Sound design: Diana Hütter

Choreography assistant: Francesca Poglie

Production assistant: Sonja Oberkofler

Dancers: Alfonso Fernandéz, Fabio Calvisi, Vittoria Franchina, Elisabet Morera Nadal