PREMIERE 21-09-20 



        Presenter of the evening GASTEIG, Munich

Compose by: Wilfried Hiller (W.P.)

Arrangement of Schullhoff, Weill and Shostakovich

Concept and Choreography: Roberta Pisu

Music by: Arcis Saxophon Quartett

Dancers : Marta Jaèn, Clara Cafiero, David Cahier, Alfonso Fèrnadez 

Going from one city to another one is a privilege.

Discovering new cultures and meeting every day new people allows us to open our mind to a new perspective. Fulfilling our soul with stories of others make us understand that no matter where we are born we all constantly search for our identity.


Who are we now? 

I believe there is more then a nostalgic memory of where we start our journey...


Set & Lightdesign:  Michael Heidinger 

Dramaturgy: David Treffinger

Choreographic Assistent: Guido Badalamenti  

Production Assistent: Francesca Poglie 

Production Manager: Michael Lanz

© Roberta Pisu. Photo © Frèderic Chais 

Marta Jaén